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Hippodrome at Caesarea – Color Photo (72 DPI) 1-Year License


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Color photo of the Hippodrome at Caesarea Maritima that Herod built for entertainment in honor of the Emperor Augustus. The massive structure was 315 x 68 meters and during the time of Paul the Apostle it could hold 12,000 spectators.

King Herod built the impressive Hippodrome at the inauguration of the city in 10 BC. The Latin word for hippodrome is circus, and it was designed to bring games into Herod’s beautiful harbor city. The games included horse races, chariot races, athletics, gladiatorial combat, hunting, and much more.

Josephus wrote:

“Herod built on the south quarter, behind the port and amphitheater also capable of holding a vast number of men, and conveniently situated for a prospect to the sea.” Josephus antiquities 15,9.6

Historical sources mentioned Caesarea having a stadium where Jews and Christians were cast into the arena to fight gladiators or fed to the wild beasts.

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