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Sennacherib’s Prism – Color Photo (72 DPI) 1-Year License


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Color photo of the Sennacherib’s War Prism. The cuneiform inscriptions on this prison reveal the Assyrian king Sennacherib boasting about various military campaigns,, and among them is his war against the land of Judah. It records:

“and Hezekiah, King of Judah…  I laid siege to 46 of his strong cities, walled forts, and to the countless small villages… I besieged them and conquered them.”

Sennacherib also describes the booty that he seized and the number of captives he led away – more than 200,000. regarding the siege in Jerusalem he makes a statement about Jerusalem’s King Hezekiah whom he mentioned by name: “Hezekiah I made a prisoner in his own royal city, like a bird in a cage.” Although he had not destroyed Jerusalem, Hezekiah was forced to resume paying heavy tribute to the king of Assyria.

It can be used for projection, lamination or color print from postcard to poster size. [One Year License]

This photo is available as a high resolution digital download with detailed instructions. You must bring the file to an Office Depot or similar store for easy color print and lamination. For personal, church or classroom use only.